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Standard Army Maintenance System – Enhanced (SAMS-E)

SAMSE-logoMcLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the Standard Army Maintenance System – Enhanced (SAMS-E), which is a single system that allows the U.S. Army to manage over 1 million vehicle and repair parts at a very high rate of readiness. As Program Manager from 2004 to 2013, fielding SAMS-E to the Army was a project extensive in size, scope, and complexity–encompassing over 20,000 systems worldwide in all levels of Army maintenance.  In addition to the systems architecture  integration and implementation, MAT has trained over 27,669 Soldiers for deployment.

SAMS-E Program History

Mission Critical System

In 2004, the United States Army entrusted MAT with modernizing its logistics systems to equip military personnel with up-to-date capabilities that support enterprise resource planning. At the time, the U.S. Army’s greatest need was an upgrade to their aging ground maintenance system. MAT took on this challenge in direct coordination with the Army Program Manager and SAMS-E was developed. SAMS-E was delivered to the Army ahead of schedule and under budget.

SAMS-E was designed to act as a bridge — linking current systems functionality to the U.S. Army’s future Global Combat Support System (GCSS-Army).

Systems Modernization

MAT modernized and developed a single suite of applications from four outdated systems — ULLS-G, SAMS-1, SAMS-2 and SAMS-I/TDA. The SAMS-E suite includes:

  • SAMS-1E
  • SAMS-2E

SAMS-E modernized the following functions:

  • Automated unit level maintenance, supply, and readiness reporting functions.
  • Day-to-day weapon system and sub-component readiness status.
  • Maintenance and related repair parts information.
  • Management functions from the tactical direct support (DS)/general support (GS) level maintenance activities and supports the transition to the Field and Sustainment Maintenance concept (Two – Levels of Maintenance).

SAMS-E supports the following mission critical elements:

  • Combat Services Support (CSS)
  • Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) unit level maintenance elements
  • Field and Sustainment maintenance shop production activities
  • Maintenance managers from the battalion to wholesale levels