What We Do

Systems Modernization

McLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) helps commercial and government entities improve IT operational efficiency through technology transformation and modernization services. MAT works with you to supply the right tools for your unique needs. Our Systems Modernization Lifecycle Services stem from the consolidation and Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migration of complex information management systems. We can expand the life of outdated systems through a process has been created, validated, and tested for proven success. With proven performance in collapsing legacy systems, we offer the ability to bring out-dated, disparate software and hardware into hyper-efficiency.

  • Increased back-end speed ― as much as 100% in some cases
  • 4x increase in application throughput
  •  Reduces processing from minutes to seconds
  •  Estimated 30% reduction in power consumption and cooling requirements
  •  80% reduction in required floor space (24 full racks consolidated to 4, 1,920sqft to 40sqft)
  •  Upfront cost to deploy an Engineered System is lower by 20% compared to build your own solution
  •  Estimated database licensing requirement reduced by 60%

Benefits of Modernization

Systems modernization and consolidation replaces obsolete servers and consolidates hardware, software, services, databases, and data. The benefits include:

  • Increased response rate l provides quick accountability of important information
  • Reduced time executing tasks l accomplishes more work in a shorter period of time
  • Enhanced security l The database is shielded behind additional network equipment for complete privacy with no exposure to the public.
  • Built-in hardware encryption l provides end-to-end data security
  • Increased performance and reliability l supports a greater number of simultaneous users
  • Expandable and scalable l accommodates up to seven additional server racks for rapid growth and optimal performance.
  • Minimize downtime l Scale naturally without downtime or lost data for continuity of business.

Systems Integration

  • Legacy Systems – Successfully linking legacy systems functionality and data into a single new software environment with a focus on data integrity.
  • Data Migration – Mapping data flow and ensuring a successful data exchange from the existing architecture into a new development.
  • Data Cleansing – Through migration, refine and collapse information to capture final requirement driven output.
  • Data Mapping – Correlate data between two systems that will co-exist with emphasis on data integrity in dual redundant environments.
  • Business Process Management – Updating business processes associated with the previous software systems and incorporating them into a new single software system increasing efficiency.
  • Support and Maintenance – Providing support, maintenance and functionality between outdated systems and a new modernized system.

Continuity of business

MAT can provide end-to-end lifecycle services, working with you to scale naturally without downtime of lost data creating a sustainable path to the future. Important assets can be retained with the use of virtualization instead of re-writing. MAT works with you to create a tailored solution, taking incremental steps to move away from the old systems to newly engineered architecture.

The performance gains from engineered systems give the users greater visibility to discover opportunities for enhancements. With processing time reduced, managing and improving the application is achievable. In addition, advanced capabilities in monitoring and analytics provide insight into the data and a forward path to future upgrades and increased functionality.