Who We Serve

Defense Industry

Established to meet the need for a more efficient Army logistics system, McLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) brings vital skills to Defense projects. MAT was created to bring a fresh commercial approach to the government by solving critical technology problems. From software and hardware integration to systems modernization, we are known for experience in providing efficiency through technology.

Post Production Software Support (PPSS) for U.S. Army Tactical Logistics Systems

As the software developer for the Standard Army Maintenance System – Enhanced (SAMS E), MAT has been a trusted technology service provider for years. Currently we provide Program Management support for Property Book Unit Supply – Enhanced (PBUSE) and sustainment for Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS), Standard Army Retail Supply System – Level 1 (SARSS-1), and Standard Army Ammunition System – Modernization (SAAS-MOD). These are major logistics programs that require diligent, ongoing sustainment to include program management, systems modernization, software development, helpdesk support, training, testing, and technical support.

STAMIS Training and Army Program Support

MAT has a deep understanding of Logistics Information Systems (LIS) and leverages this to deliver superior functional education and technical support. Using the knowledge gained as the developer of SAMS-E and sustaining PBUSE, AFMIS, SARSS, and SAAS-MOD, we offer training and technical support in-line with the development of new software releases and system changes. This is essential to keep your existing knowledge current with the constantly changing environment.